Our Purpose

purposeOur purpose is to serve God and His global community through the expansion and collaboration of the research we have found to help children and adults naturally control the aliments that have been placed upon them by medications and unhealthy habits.

Our Vision

We hope that one day all parents will be educated in the area of how medications can affect children’s behavior and physical well being and that the true causes of our children’s challenges can be treated in the way God intended them to be, naturally.

Our Story

This journey started when my son was in the 4th grade. We were told by his teacher that he may need to be tested for ADD. My husband and I had not been to the doctor for an illness since we were kids and our son had only been for his regular check-ups and immunizations. Our experiences were if you are sick, you go to the doctor and you do what they say. They are professionals who care about you. I tell you this because my journey starts with total trust in the medical profession. At the same time, we are very healthy and watch our family’s diet closely. Just before my son's 5th grade year he received his next set of immunizations. Shortly after 5th grade his teachers started pressuring us to take him to a psychologist to be tested for ADD and get him on medication.