Thank you Shirley for giving our lives back to us!

"My son is 6 years old and has ADHD. I can remember the very day I witnessed my first glimpse of hope. My son had been on the products Shirley recommended for about 2 weeks. Shirley had called right before we were about to leave for church early Sunday morning to see how he was adjusting to the vitamins. I mentioned to her that he was still that hyper child every morning. She suggested that I give him the Cal/Mag right after breakfast and before bed. For the first time at church my son sat calmly through the whole service. It was such a wonderful moment! Thank you Shirley for all of your suggestions." Meredith, FL 

"My daughter is 15 years old and has ADD. I am absolutely against medication. I have been searching for an alternative for many years. After being on Biometics for one month, my daughter’s English grade started to improve. She takes 2 servings of the vitamins. In the morning she takes 1 tbsp Bio Fuel, Aloe, Bio Alert, Cell Care & 4 scoops Get-Go-N. When she comes home from school she takes ½ tbsp Bio Alert & 1 scoop Get-Go-N. Everything was going pretty good, then one morning we were all running late and she didn’t take her vitamins. When she got home from school, I notice that she was irritable and full of drama again. I can tell you that she has NEVER missed a day of her vitamins since!" Carol, FL

"My son is 7 years old and his doctor had him on Ritalin. I had decided over the Christmas break that I wanted to take him off his medication. My son had not been sleeping and I was having a hard time trying to get him to eat. He is very small and underweight for his age. It took almost 2 months for us before we started to enjoy the benefits of Biometics and Shirley’s other recommendations. He normally has the worst allergies and has been on prescription medication for years. He is now off his allergy medication as well. His grade in Reading went from a 54 F to 72 C. He has gained 5lbs and he comes to me in the morning and asks for his vitamins because he loves how he feels versus being on medication. He takes Bio Fuel, Bio Alert, Bio Immune, Cell Care, Aloe, Get-Go-N, Cal/Mag, Bio Nite, Omega XL and Brain Balance. He also did a heavy metal cleanse the 1st month. Thanks Shirley for everything." Sharon, AL  

"I am 21 years old and was having the hardest time with my classes in College. I wanted to make good grades and I was having the hardest time studying for my classes. This has always been an issue in grade school but it seems to be getting worse since college. I have tried Focus Factor and many other products that claim to give you better clarity, memory, and focus. I’m also a pretty healthy person too. I’m active, I’m in a sorority, and I only drink on the weekends. Shirley recommend I start with cleanses (bowel, liver, heavy metal, etc) before starting Biometics. In about 2 months my grades started to improve. My sorority sisters were constantly complimenting me on my hair and skin. I wasn’t having problems getting up to go to my early classes because I was sleeping like a rock! And I actually lost 13lbs! When I cram for my test and pull an “all nighter,” I use to drink coffee to keep me up all night which was a total drag because you wake up so hard in the morning from it. Shirley recommended that I take Bio Alert and Get-Go-N on those cram nights. It not only helped me stay up but it helped with my focus, memory, and clarity when I’m trying to study all night. On cram nights I probably take about 2-3 servings of ½ tbsp Bio Alert & 1 scoop Get-Go-N through out the night. I also do this on long road trips because I like to drive at night. I take Bio Alert, Bio Fuel, Aloe, Cell Care, Get-Go-N, Cal/Mag, and Bio Nite. I’ve also added OmegaBrite to my vitamin regimen. By the way, Biometics is great for a hangover!" Alison, AL 


" I’ve seen an incredible increase in his focus and ability to complete his school work as well as overall better performance in sports." Rae Ann, FL

"I've gained 15 years of my life back! Christina, CA

"I was in a terrible car accident and suffered severe brain trauma." Michelle, FL

"I couldn't read through a sentence or paragraph without being distracted." George, FL

"I gave my grandson Garrett the multi vitamin Bio Fuel when he was 6 weeks old...." Norris, NC