Importance of Supplements


This is why vitamin C, E, A, and antioxidants are so crucial in our daily intake! The amount of vitamin E has decreased in our food supply by more than 70% since the early 1900s. Antioxidants protect the body because they neutralize the free radicals by donating one of their electrons without causing a destructive chain reaction. Have you ever noticed that smokers have yellow tinted skin? A 40 year old smoker has the skin of a 60 year old non-smoker because of oxidation from free radical damage. One puff from a cigarette generates one trillion free radicals into your body. Food today is stripped of all its nutrient content because of over processing, bleaching, and preservatives. If you think you can get what you need from the food you eat today, I urge you to do your due diligence. Go check out the modern day farming practices. Obviously you get your nutrients from the plants, fruits, and meats. The plants, fruits, and animals get their nutrients from the soil. Today's farm soil suffers from being farmed over and over again and all the minerals that the plants need are no longer available in the soil. Acid rain also causes a depletion of nutrients in our soil. If you get a copy of the US Senate document #264 from the 74th Congress 2nd session, it says that our farm soils and our rain soils are depleted of minerals and the crops grown on these soils are mineral deficient. The people who eat them get mineral deficient diseases and the only way to prevent them is with supplements, and this document was printed in 1936! In 1992 the Earth Summit declared North America having the worst soil (85% deficient of vital minerals). In 2002 one of the leading medical journals, Journal of the American Medical Association, published a study, "Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults," that recommended people take supplements. Today's Environmental Protection Agency has said that there is not a major city where you can safely drink the water from the tap and feel good about it. Also, every major city has air pollution that is above the recommend minimum standards of the EPA. As you can see supplements are of vital importance to your health and you should not go another day without giving your body the extra nutrients it needs to combat what the environment has done to overwhelm your defenses.