Behavior Treatment:

This means you adjust your child’s environment to promote more successful social interactions. Because ADD/ADHD children suffer from “overload” in their mind, they need help in organizing their lives.

Here are some simple steps:

  1. Give a child consistent rules that are easy to follow. When they follow the rules, they should be rewarded!
  2. Create a schedule. A child needs a daily routine; time should be set for chores, homework, play time, dinner time, and bed time. Make a check list for them or post their schedule in the home.
  3. Keep an organized room. Help your child have a place for everything in their room. A messy unorganized room is a reflection of an unorganized mind.
  4. Provide consistent consequences for inappropriate behavior, instead of threats.
  5. Reward only appropriate behavior with praise and touch!
  6. You must model the behavior that you wish to establish with your child.