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I got this machine last Christmas and since then I use it 3-4 times a day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this machine. I absolutely can't imagine our lives without it. In fact this machine was my first step into green smoothies and raw food recipes. The vitamix is extremely fast, durable, and powerful! It is well respected in the raw food vegan world. These blades are so powerful that it will completely puree any fruit, veggie, etc with NO chucks. I'm not really a fan of juicers unless I'm fasting. I believe the pulp (skin) is equally important as the juice extracted from the juicer. The pulp contains all the fiber and since ADD/ADHD do not detoxify well, it's important they get fiber in their daily diet to help them have regular bowel movements. Plus fiber helps with removing toxins, regulating blood sugars, removing parasites, and much more. When you eat fiber it will normally pass through our bodies undigested. BUT by using the vitamix, these powerful blades will cut right through the fiber cell walls releasing all of it's powerful antioxidants. So basically you get more fiber, flavor, and phyonutrients every time you make anything with the vitamix. O my gosh, the fast and simple recipes that you can make with this machine, will blow your mind. Most kids hate eating raw veggies but if you make it into a tasty smoothie, they will drink it!

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