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How Does Proper Digestion Affect ADD/ADHD?

When I started researching natural remedies, Proper Digestion was last on my list. I completely underestimated it’s role with managing Charlie’s ADHD. When in fact proper digestion plays the MOST important role in mental, emotional, and physical health!!!! It is referred to as "The Gut-brain connection." It is through the digestive system that the brain, muscles, glands, and every part of the body are fed. ADD/ADHD have food sensitivities because of their inability to digest proteins and gluten. This type of food allergy can result from undigested residue rotting in the digestive tract causing the immune system to turn on itself. The undigested residue will be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream causing a morphine-like effect. This in turn causes digestive problems, chronic congestion, acne, ear infections, allergies, chronic inflammation, headaches, inability to focus, yeast overgrowth, and mood swings (depression or hyperactivity). If they continue down this path they will eventually damage their GI tract and develop "Leaky Gut Syndrome." Food allergies also weaken their immune system and disrupt the balance of good bacteria (natural flora) in gut.

So How Can You Improve Your Gut-Brain Connection?


1. High Quality Probiotics (living microorganisms)

Probiotic supplements are the reinforcement that is sent into your gut to help maintain the proper balance of natural flora. You are always going to have yeast in your body but the proper ratio should be 15% yeast and 85% good bacteria. Diet plays the upmost importance in maintaining this balance. You should understand that there is a turf war that wages in your intestines (both large & small) everyday. Good and bad bacteria both compete for nutrition and the sites on your colon wall where they can colonize. Because ADD/ADHD have poor absorption, starting their day off with probiotics ensures that they get the upper hand especially if they do not consume 75% of raw foods daily.

My first choice probiotic is Renew Life Ultimate Flora (50 billion). Once a new bottle is open it must be put in the refrigerator immediately. Always take on an empty stomach.

My first choice probiotic when I travel is Garden of Life Ultra (15 billion). These probiotics do not have go into the refrigerator. Always take on an empty stomach.

My first choice probiotics for digestive problems (large intestines) is Udo's Choice Super Bifido Plus (70 Billion). These probiotics are always taken after your meal. My gosh, these bad boys are fricking AWESOME!!!! This is Udo's only line that DOES NOT have to go in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that the suckers are POWERFUL!! They are the bomb when dealing with digestive issues such as Leaky gut, IBS, Crohn's, Celiac, etc and offers support for the liver. I highly suggest you start off with 1 capsule after your meals versus 3 capsules if this is your first time on this product. After the second day you can move up to 3 capsules if need be. I warned a friend and she didn't listen. She had stomach cramps all day. You might be able to follow the directions without any problems, but why risk a bad experience?

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2. Broad Spectrum Digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes work hand in hand with probiotics. Many of ADD/ADHD problems stem from their inability to properly digest their foods.We all have digestive enzymes that are released through our salvia when we eat. The problem nowadays are that we do not eat enough raw foods that contain these enzymes. Everything we consume is overcooked, fried, refined, sugary, and extremely hard for our bodies to break down (dairy, meats, desserts, etc). Adding digestive enzymes before your meals allow you to fully break down your meal faster plus it also takes the work load off your pancreas. Everyday 80% of your body's energy is spent on digestion. When your body isn't using all of it's energy on processing your food, it gets to work on and repair you. Adding digestive enzymes also helps with individuals who lack certain enzymes to properly digest their meal avoiding the whole food allergy thing. And last, digestive enzymes are preventative measures against heavy metal toxicity and yeast overgrowth.

My first and only choice of digestive enzymes is Enzymedica Digest Gold. This product contains every enzyme that you could possibly fathom! Plus it's produce by a company that only specializes in enzymes.

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