Step one

If I had this to do all over again the FIRST STEP I would have taken was to establish a "starting point." How are you suppose to get to where your going when you
don't even know where you are at? Did it ever occur to you that you or your
child may not even have ADD/ADHD. Food allergies, Candida, and heavy
metals toxicity all have a way of mimicking symptoms of ADD/ADHD.
Just by pulling these foods and doing a heavy metal cleanse can help with
focus, hyperactivity, mood swings, etc. I ALWAYS suggest that you take
all of the tests below if your child is accused of having ADD/ADHD. At
the beginning of my journey I didn't even know these tests existed!
Why on earth I wasn’t made aware of these tests absolutely baffles me. I can not believe not one doctor or psychologist told me about the existence of these tests. By this time we were made aware of them we were already on high quality liquid supplements, omegas 3, additional neurotransmitters, etc. We had also completed Charlie’s heavy metals cleanse, Candida cleanse, etc. It sure would have been nice to know about these tests so I didn’t have to guess which neurotransmitters he was lacking or how much omega-3s he needed daily. So step 1, tests for everything below and record your results in a log book or journal.


  1. Neurotransmitter Test

  2. Food Allergy Test

    • 1.Check out these two sites:

    • The Forrest health allergy test
    • 2.Here's a site designated for food allergy test:

    • The Alcat test
    • 3.And for those that are broke:

    • You can try elimination diet. This is a method of removing specific foods or chemicals from your diet for a specific period of time (2-3 weeks) before reintroducing them and noting the effects in a journal or diary. Some individuals find within 2-5 days all symptoms clear up. Charlie’s kryptonite is dairy. It makes him crazy hyper!!!! It also affects his focus and memory.
    • Tip
    • If money is not an option then order the 200 food allergy panel.

  3. Heavy Metal Test

    1. And for those of you that are broke: It's cheaper to just do a heavy metal cleanse.
  4. Fatty Acid Test (Omega -3 EPA & DHA)

  5. Candida Test

    1. And for those of you that are broke: It's cheaper to do a Candida cleanse or have your insurance pay for you to see a GI specialist.
  6. (Optional) Intracellular Test

  7. Standard serum tests measure only the quantities of vitamins and minerals present in serum. This provides limited information on intracellular levels. Intracellular testing uses lymphocytes that are grown in tissue culture to determine the exact functional intracellular deficiencies. This unique test takes into account the genetic, metabolic, biochemical and physiological differences in each person.

You can order all of these tests over the internet if you live in a small town that does not have these test available locally. These sites even offer you a small fee to speak to a doctor or technician who will answer any of your questions and help read you your results. Plus some insurance companies will help pay for these tests offered on line. You should try and find a Holistic practitioner or Naturopathic doctor in your area. Some health food stores may have a nutritionist who will have most of these tests available. I think it is best to work with someone face to face who can also help you create a healthy diet and lifestyle. Do your research and make sure you find someone that is licensed with a good reputation!! Some family practitioners, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and psychologists (like the really good doctors at least) will have these tests available in their clinic. Personally if I went to my local physician or psychiatrist and they had no idea of what these test are, I would quickly switch to another practitioner. But hey that's just my opinion. I don't have anything against doctors but what people do not realize is that most doctors do not understand nutrition. After all they have had only 1 semester of nutrition in all of their 8yrs of college. Taking all the tests above are the MOST IMPORTANT STEPS you can take for yourself or your child. It’s my belief that the majority of children today who are accused of having ADD/ADHD are misdiagnosed.

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