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Why ADD/ADHD need Omega 3?


Have you noticed that most children and adults with ADD/ADHD usually have allergies? They also have verrry dry skin and frequent ear infections. Omega 3 benefits children with ADD/ADHD by reducing this inflammation and also help with the proper development of their brain. Key brain areas develop more slowly in ADD/ADHD than in other children. The slowest parts to mature are the frontal lobes of the cerebrum. The two frontal lobes, the right and left, allow us to solve problems, plan ahead, understand the behavior of others, and restrain our impulses. One area can lag behind three to five years; this is why these children are often described as “less mature” than other kids their age. However the brain’s sensory processing and motion center matures faster in ADD/ADHD children which accounts for their restlessness and why they are so fidgety. Omegas fatty acids are necessary with the formation and repair of brain cell membranes. This improves the nerve impulses and neurotransmitters involved for proper brain function. Bottom line, getting a high quality mercury-free Omega-3 daily is the most powerful remedy to keep your brain healthy and giving you optimal performance.

Why Green lipped mussels are my First choice?

green lipped mussels
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OmegaXL is my first choice but it is also the most expensive out of my recommendations. OmegaXL are Green-lipped Mussels found in New Zealand. There are key points that makes this product stand out for me. One, green lipped mussels are not a blood thinner unlike fish oils. Second, green lipped mussels are 200 more times more effective at reducing inflammation. Third, it is purer and more concentrated than fish oil. This is important for ADD/ADHD because many of them suffer from allergies, asthma, food allergies, auto immune diseases, etc.

Why Krill Oil is my Second choice?

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Krill Oil by Dr.Mercola is my second recommendation. Because the life cycle of krill is so short you do not have to worry about heavy metal toxicity. Like Green lipped mussels, krill oil is also purer and more bioavailable than fish oil. FYI, the predominant phospholipids in krill oil is phosphatidyl Choline. And if you remember from my e-book, Choline is your "memory" neurotransmitter.

I like to alternate Charlie on both of these products. Most ADD/ADHD need around 3000mg to 5000mg of fish oil daily. Remember that krill oil and green lipped mussels are more concentrated so it will take less. I like sticking with the green lipped mussels because of the whole "no clotting" thing. It gives you room to experiment. It takes awhile to see results from omegas, usually around 5-8 weeks or more, so be consistent! Or you could always order a Fatty Acid test to make sure you are giving the correct amount. Like I mention, I never took this test because I was unaware of it's existence. I used Charlie's horribly dry skin as our starting point. Charlie took 3 capsules of omegaxl with breakfast and another 2 capsules with dinner. We did this for 3 months than switched to krill. Now we alternate between the two every 3 months. Sometimes I like to rotate them both in together. For ex, 1 omegaXL and 2 Krill oil with his breakfast. It really depends on what works best for him. Currently Charlie takes only 3 capsules of krill oil with breakfast. Next month he will switch back to omegaxl. He no longer needs the extra servings of omegas at dinner. And sometimes when I really feel like shocking his body, we order Garden of Life Brain Oceans 3 Better Brain. It's always nice to shock the body a little. But you must maintain balance first so stick with the krill and green lipped mussels for now.

What are my recommendation for Fish Oil???

We typically don't use fish oil however if we do, here are my two reccomendations:

artic essentials
oceans three
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