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heavy metals

ADD/ADHD and autistic children/adults usually have heavy metal toxins build up in their system because of their
inability to excrete them. They do not detoxify. It is
common to find one or more toxic metals in
there bodies. ADHD have high levels of
aluminum with low calcium and magnesium.
ADD usually has high levels of copper and lead.
These two metals can cause “foggy thinking”
and IBS symptoms. Heavy metals poison our cellular enzymes. They kick out the minerals such as magnesium and selenium and replace themselves by binding their receptor sites preventing these minerals from being absorbed and utilize in the body. For example, cadmium can replace zinc. Heavy metal toxins also suppress our cell’s normal ability to utilize oxygen which increases yeast, bacteria, and fungus in the body. Children are the most at risk to heavy metal toxins because of their size.

Traditional chelation treatment today is expensive and has negative side effects. They use certain chemicals that have an affinity for heavy metals, such as EDTA, DMSA, and DMPS. Which means it not only pulls out the heavy metal toxin but also important minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These treatments are long term because you are dealing with toxic substances being released into your body. Treatments could last from 6- 26 months. If heavy metals are released too fast, they can redistribute themselves into the body. This can be very dangerous and cause even more damage. This is why we chose to start Charlie on a natural heavy metal cleanse.

What Are The Benefits of Clay Baths For ADD/ADHD?

detox clay
bentonite clay
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First, bentonite clay has a negative ionic charge.When the clay is mix with water, it creates a negative charged surface area. The warm water opens up the pores of your skin to be absorbed by the clay. Because bentonite clay has a negative charge, it will literally pull out the positive charged particles like a magnetic (such as mercury, lead, aluminum, pesticides, insecticides, food additives, nicotine, and any inorganic residue) from your skin into the bath water bypassing the liver/kidney elimination cycle. Bentonite clay can be done as a foot bath if you know you are highly toxic from metals or prescription medication.

Tips: From the detailed guidelines in your instructions to the "T!!!" Only individuals who get sick are the ones who do not follow the directions. Also take 1 tbsp of a multivitamin after clay bath. Organic coconut water is one of the BEST replacement for electrolytes.

What Are The Best Natural Oral Chelation Treatment?

  1. Zeolite are my favorite because like Bentonite Clay they also have a negative charge allowing it to pull out the positive charged particles (metals, prescription drugs, pesticides, etc) like a magnetic into its cage frame. Then it inactivates the toxin preventing it from reacting with the body as they are safely removed from your body. Zeolite also has many other health benefits; it is an anti-diarrheal (IBS), acts as an antioxidant (absorbing free radicals), supports a healthy immune system (by detoxifying the body), acts as an antiviral agent (reduces viral load), balances pH levels (traps positive charge hydronium ions), improves absorption, balances blood sugar levels (glucose are positively charged), improves liver function (reducing toxic load), improves mental clarity, increases energy, and reduces cancer risk (eliminates carcinogenic toxins, nitrosamines).
    Frequently Asked Questions about Zeolites
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  3. Chlorella is my second favorite. It is a single cell green algae and is one of the BEST and MOST POWERFUL natural detoxifier for heavy metals. It is all a whole food meaning that it is has all the ingredients to support life. It's 60% protein (18 known amino acids & 8 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein),and 20% fiber. It has antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-tumor effects. It has been used to help the tolerability of chemotherapy and radiation. Chlorella aids with liver function, restores pH, sustains healthy lung function, purifies the blood, and binds to toxic metals and pulls them out of the body. It is also very effective in supporting your immune system because it speeds up the healing process and improves the function of white blood cells. The chlorophyll (powerful antioxidant) in the algae aids with digestion and cleans the bowels.
  4. Tip:

    When purchasing this product, it is important to buy 100% Chlorella and “cracked cell,” or “broken cell wall” Chlorella. Your body’s digestive tract cannot break down the tough cell wall.


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Serving Size:

I love these 2 products sooo much that I alternate them the same way I alternate my omega3 (Krill oil and Green lipped mussels oil). The zeolites were done consistently for 6-8 weeks. We started with 10 drops a day mixed into our Biometics AM drink. Eventually we worked up to 15 drops 3x a day (always on an empty stomach). When we started on Chlorella, we did not exceed 3g a day for about 6 weeks before we increased that amount to 6g a day for the next 5 months. We always made sure he took his pills 20-30 mins before his meals to ensure that the Chlorella was in the small intestine where the bile enters into the gut by the time he began eating his meal. This allows the metals and other toxins (prescription meds, pesticides, etc) waste to be carried out through the digestive tract. The waste bonds to the Chlorella cell wall. Currently Charlie is not taking neither of these products. During the holidays, I'll order both the products and use them as maintenance. They usually will last me for 4-5 months. He will use no more than 15 drops of zeolites in his AM drink once a day when needed or 3g of Chlorella a day when needed. This cleanse made a WORLD of a difference in Charlie's metal clarity and also helped with him stop being so fidgety!

What Are Common Heavy Metals?

Aluminum (most common) is absorbed into the body from antiperspirants, deodorants, heavy pollution, tooth paste, dental amalgams, water, aspirin, baking powder, salt, cooking pots, vaccines, eating food with pesticides and additives in the soil, and antacids. It can also leach out of aluminum foil and cans into food and beverages. Aluminum toxicity can cause learning disabilities; affect neurotransmitters, impair motor skills, memory loss, cause brittle bones, and kidney problems.

Mercury (second most common & known as quicksilver) is absorbed into the body by silver fillings (primary source), fish (second common source), children’s vaccine, drugs (both are third common source), fertilizer (fourth common source) latex wall paint, mascara, nail polish, baby powder, drinking water, pesticides, laxatives, adhesives, and processed foods. Mercury toxicity can cause autoimmune diseases, hyperactivity, memory loss, interfere with proper hormone function (mood swings & depression), fatigue; decreases neurotransmitters, delays childhood development, alter immune function, raise blood pressure, cause blindness and paralysis, increase the chance of cardiac mortality, reduce fertility, inflict permanent brain damage on fetuses, infants, and children, and can lead to brain damage.

Lead (heaviest metal) is absorbed into the body by drinking water from lead pipes, enamels, crayons, drinking water, automobile exhaust, paint fumes, or cigarette smoke. Lead toxicity can cause learning disabilities, decrease growth, brain damage, affect neurotransmitters, delay childhood development, and impair motor skill development.

Cadmium is absorbed into the body by cigarette smoke, fungicides sprays, well water, clear plastic used to cover foods, and evaporated milk. Cadmium toxicity can weaken immune system and allow bacteria, mold, parasites, and yeast to proliferate.

Copper is a necessary mineral for the body. However, excessive copper can cause detrimental effects on the brain. Copper toxicity can cause panic attacks, mood swings, violence, brain fog, migraines, seizures, and yeast proliferation. It is absorbed into the body through food (nuts, beans, grains, chocolate, etc), drinking water from copper pipes, cookware, vitamins, fungicides, pesticides, and birth control pills. For proper copper balance you need manganese, iron, B-vitamin and C, and zinc (they compete with copper for absorption).

Important Prevention steps:

  1. Use high quality water filtration unit or drink distilled or purified water.
  2. Buy Organic food
  3. Eat only certified mercury-free fish
  4. Avoid dental amalgams
  5. Only use Thimerosal (Mercury based) free vaccines
  6. Purchase all natural products ( fluoride free toothpaste, aluminum free deodorant, etc)
  7. Purchase a good air purifier filtration system for your home
  8. High quality vitamin supplementation (vitamins, amino acids, and minerals can protect our bodies from heavy metals)
  9. Digestive enzyme
  10. Probiotic supplements such as acidophilus and bifidus bacterium
  11. Oral Chelator supplements

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