Using AntiBiotics As A LAST Resort


Natural antibiotics today are rivaling synthetic antibiotics. They can eliminate microbes without promoting the development of resistant strains. They also leave your tissue cell enzymes intact unlike synthetic antibiotics which destroy beneficial enzymes. Synthetic antibiotics not only destroy bad bacteria but the good as well. It's like swallowing a nuclear bomb. The toll it takes on your natural flora can take many months for your body to recover and that's being on probiotics the entire time. Have you ever wondered why you always get a yeast infection or a white coat on your tongue after your prescription of antibiotics? I’m not suggesting that you stop all synthetic antibiotics but perhaps use them as a last resort. Honestly I can't even recall the last time we used antibiotics in this family. Not only do natural antibiotics get the job done for us but they work faster too (within days). For ex, A woman who was pregnant ask me if there was anything she could do about her reoccurring UTI infection. She had been on numerous cycles of broad spectrum antibiotics but her UTI would always came back. Her doctor was about to prescribe her one of the strongest antibiotics known to mankind. She felt that after numerous cycles of antibiotics and being pregnant, something inside of her was telling her this wasn't right. So I mention to her, "If this was me I would take grapefruit seed extract and probiotics instead. I think you should research this and see if works for you." So she started taking GFS 15 drops 3x a day and 1 probiotic 2x a day. Within 3 days her UTI was completely gone. She couldn't believe how fast it worked. She stop taking GSE after 5 days and continued to take probiotics for the next 2 months. She was able to stop GSE because these microbes could never build a resistant to natural antibiotic. If she was on synthetic antibiotics she would have had to finish the entire cycle. Which I guess didn't really matter anyway because the microbes were still developing resistant strains. Plus she said it was so difficult to finish a cycle of synthetic antibiotics because it left her feeling so sick.

Tip: I recommend that you ALWAYS use probiotics anytime you are on natural antibiotics to maximize your results. Don't take them together either. I like to take them about 1-2 hrs apart (natural antibiotic first, then 2 hrs later probiotic).

Two of My Favorite Natural Oral Antibiotics:

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Tip: Colloidal Silver can be put on the skin. If diluted, GSE can be put on the skin as well.

Two of My Favroite Natural Ointment Antiboitic

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