Would you give your child cocaine?



Did you know that Ritalin and many other ADD ADHD drugs are Schedule II drugs? They are in the same category as Cocaine, Morphine, Opium, and Oxycodone. This means that these drugs have a high abuse potential with severe physical and psychiatric dependencies. In fact ADD ADHD prescriptions for children in the U.S. have jumped six times in the last decade. About 10% of kids in public elementary schools are taking these prescription drugs. Even if you wanted to get your child off these drugs you would have to consult with your doctor first. They are too powerful to stop “cold turkey.”

Sudden Death Linked To ADD ADHD Drugs

  • In May 2006, based on a review of anecdotal reports of heart attack, stroke and sudden death among patients taking usual doses of ADHD medications, the FDA asked drug manufacturers to revise product labeling to reflect concerns about possible adverse events.
  • Twelve sudden deaths in American kids taking Adderall have led Canada to suspend sales of this drug.
  • Twenty-five deaths linked to ADHD drugs, 19 involving children, were reported to FDA from 1999 through 2003. Fifty-four other cases of serious heart problems, including heart attacks and strokes, were also reported.
  • November 20, 1986, after being on Ritalin since the third grade, fourteen-year-old Rod Mathews lured a classmate, Shawn Ouellette, into a wooded area near his home in Canton, Massachusetts, under the pretense of a plan to build a snow fort, and beat him to death with a baseball bat.


Importance of Supplements

If you think you can get what you need from the food you eat today, I urge you to do your research. If you get a copy of the US Senate document #264 from the 74th Congress 2nd session, it says that our farm soils and our rain soils are depleted of minerals and the crops grown on these soils are mineral deficient. The people who eat them get mineral deficient diseases and the only way to prevent them is with supplements. And this document was printed in 1936! It wasn't long ago when we could get all our nutrients from the food that we eat. We ate meats from animals that were grass fed and fish from mercury free waters. But in the last 50 years technology has introduced massive containments and toxins into our environment such as herbicides, pesticides, smog, x-rays, tobacco smoke, ozone, car exhaust, food preservatives, animal steroids, antibiotics, carbon monoxide, chlorine, etc. Many of these chemicals and environmental pollutants have gone into our air, water, and food and now we are experiencing the degenerative results from free radical damage. There are over 60 degenerative diseases in which these free radicals are implicated. Scientist say when you have enough free radicals in your body you die! Your cells are composed of many types of molecules; molecules consist of atoms; atoms have a nucleus, neutrons, protons, and electrons. The nucleus of an atom is surrounded by paired electrons. Environmental pollutants, poor nutrition, and the body's natural metabolism cause normal oxygen atoms to lose one of its paired electrons. This cripples the atom and results in a chain reaction known as free radical damage. Free radicals then attempt to replace their missing electron by scavenging the body and robbing electrons from healthy cells which erode our cell membranes. Free radicals are like rust on metals; they eat away and break through the cell membrane causing serious damage to the cell. Read more